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In the next 3 minutes I am going to demonstrate to you how you can achieve The best video marketing conversion rate. This is going to be a LIFE changing video, one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
Imagine, how you’ll feel in just minutes from now knowing that you’ve achieved
The best promotional campaigns that you are always looking for. I am going to
show you how YOU CAN do it, in fact I am going to show you how ANYONE can do it.

It’s simple.
But you have to make one promise to me RIGHT NOW. You have to promise to
WATCH this video IN FULL. You have to turn off your phone, close down skype,
ignore your emails and tell the kids to go into the other room.

I need 100% of your focus and attention. In return for that promise I in turn promise
you that I’ll show you how you can achieve --the goal, which is to make 6 or even 7
figures when you promote product online.

Are you frustrated?

Have you tried multiple solutions with no success?

You probably think the problem is YOU…

….You’ve tried these other solutions but they haven’t worked for you when they have worked for others.

Don’t worry the problems not you…

The problem is that the cost to outsource a copywriter to write video script can cost you hundreds of dollars each.
This is not just a problem you experience.
This is an industry wide problem.
There are a few facts that you need to know.
When you KNOW and UNDERSTAND these facts you’ll also understand that the
problem you are facing is solvable.

Fact #1 Writing your script manually is so hard and i see many people get stuck
about that---
Fact #2 The budget involved to outsource a freelance is so high

As you can see from just these 2 facts alone this is not a problem that just you face, in
fact it’s not even a new problem. It’s something people just like you have been trying
to overcome for centuries…
Now that you know that you’re not alone. Now that you know this problem is real I
want to introduce you to the solution.

Introducing Scriptdio Review

Scriptdio is -a powerful script generator- what that means is to help you
increase your conversion rate into a higher amount
Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Achieve When You Invest In Scriptdio Today…

Discover The High Converting Framework To Generate Desired
Conversion Rate on A Daily Basis, No Experience Necessary.

Unlock The Number 1 Thing That’s Been Holding You Back And Empower
Yourself To Overcome Any And All Obsticles.

Find Out How You Can Achieve 6 or 7 Figures in Product Launch
Revenue Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible
Easily Overcome Your Biggest Fear And Turn Scriptdio Into The Best
Investment You’ve Ever Made

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Scriptdio

Harijs Krauze: This is definitely a very good solution. I myself am really having trouble with this
Greg Peatfield: Sales is my weakness, it would be great to "outsource" this to another organization.
This looks like a great product to solve my problem.
Manojj Natarrajan: Automatic sales script is definitely a must have software for all digital marketing professionals. I look forward to this amazing software.

When you invest in Scriptdio today you’ll receive:
120 Script Writing Framework
Easy to use Script Editor
License to make your own step framework
High value bonuses from DJK.
In a moment I am going to reveal to your investment for Scriptdio.

Before I do though, I want you to understand that I didn’t come to pricing this product easily.
I wanted to ensure that I gave you the BEST PRICE I could possibly give you, without breaking the bank.
You see, to create Scriptdio, Explaindio LLC has to invest thousands dollar for developer, server maintenance and I need to ensure that I have priced the product to regain my investment.

With that said though I am sure you are going to be pleasantly surprised with how
COST EFFECTIVE I have made this for you.

Today you won’t invest ___[50% Higher Price]____ like you would on other similar
Today your price, and only if you act now, is ___$27___

NOW Is The Time To Achieve Your ___[Desired Success]___
There is no better time now then to take that first step.
To decide that ___[Scriptdio]___ is the right product for you and it can help you
achieve your ___[Best Return on Investment if you run video ads online]___.

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