Scratchz Review
Scratchz Review and Who Should Buy Scratchz

Before you want to buy Scratchz, you should determine whether the product is for you or not for you. If it’s fit for yourself, then, 100%, i will recommend that product for you. Otherwise, i recommend you to visit the below resources to understand about Scratchz at first.

Remember, i never expect customers buy and always seek for a refund, i want them to be an action taker, a success marketer and i hardly want to connect with those who are too details before buying product because the majority of them are rubbish customers who just always think about buying product from my link just to get bonuses and then request refund immediately.

1.Email List Builder

The reason why we make a scratch contest campaign is in order to build an email list. In that case, you provide the bonus product or maybe the giveaway to people, which can be free membership signup link, free pdf content, free audio, video lesson or maybe a coupon code to interest people to sign up to enter your scratch screen. After that, they need to enter their email so you get the Optin from audiences and they get the greatness from you, it's like you are adding value through viral giveaway.

To prevent people complaining app doesn't work with my email software, the product creator has made features to export list into CSV file so that you don't need to integrate your autoresponder. Just sign in and login into the dashboard instantly and then you export your list and re-import it into any autoresponder app, which can be done so simple with top service provider.
2.Affiliate Marketer

When you have the bigger email audience size, you can send more emails. The more subscribers you have, the more email you send out, the more open rate, the better click rates and total amount of clicks, so, you have higher chance of getting sales through the tool developed by Seun and Jason.

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