Rewardsly Review
In this Rewardsly review, we help you understand about the upsell features and the funnel breakdown of Ben Murray and Karthik Ramani's products.

OTO 1: Rewardsly Platinum

You can create as many stores as you want. For each stores, you can create unlimited rewards and unlimited gift card. The best thing you have can be the pre-made templates for those rewards and gift card campaigns, which helps you surprise your audiences.

OTO 2: Rewardsly DFY

DFY Agency website with ecommerce checkout ability, ability to showcase features, ability to show testimonials, and customization help.
DFY Hosting Plan - we’ll customize and host your loyalty agency website for you
VIP masterclass on how to run an agency longterm (created by us)
DFY video Facebook ads to target clients that need reward programs
Ads Manager set up help - we’ll help get your ads and website up to start getting clients
100 DFY stores with DFY rewards already set up to quickly plug-n-play with real stores
One-on-One 'hand-holding' help - we’ll explain how to get the clients, set up the ads, or whatever else you need help understanding or setting up
Access to Rewardsly Template Club for one-time price - get 10 extra DFY templates and 2 templates every month (won’t have to pay monthly)

OTO 3: Rewardsly Agency Whitelabel

You don't just have the Agency license, you even whitelabel and resell it. First of, you can create accounts for team member so that they can run the Customer Loyalty program for you and help you fulfill the services to client. Not just that, you have the reseller right to sell as your own product while hosting is still free for you, you can even rebrand the product name, logo and domain, how cool is that license.

OTO 4: Rewardsly SkilzApp Special

This is a previously launch form both these two men. And actually, the name was Skilexa, an app to be used for Amazon Alexa. The idea when using this tool is about to gain some free traffic from audio device marketing technology because Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo Dot are some of the most popular devices at present.

OTO 5: Rewardsly PlayPix Special

This is a video editor from these two guys and had been sold back in early 2019, 2 years before this Rewardsly launch. You can edit video by importing the video asset, like images, stock footage, videos and overlay text. However, i don't like this video tool and i have found some buggy when using them, so, not my recommendation.

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