Creaite Review

In this Creaite review, we are here to help you understand a little bit about the app plus the entire funnel. As you know, all products have upsells and this tool is not an exceptional. But buying any of them or not, it's still your choice.

OTO 1: Creaite Agency+

This is a must buy upgrades because sooner or later, your credits will go into zero after using the main offer. So, you can buy this license at $47 per month to get 100 credits in monthly basis for 100 articles.

OTO 2: Creaite Booster

This is a license that gives you some greatness, including:

Additional languages, which is up to 12, unlike the front end, which just includes English. Even better, you can choose to generate up to 5 article variation at the same time, what a saving of your time in case you want to produce article in bulk.

OTO 3: Creaite Connect Plugin

The product creator is so genius when he makes this upgrade. As you know, the majority of users from this cloud-based app are Wordpress users and many of them just use to gain backlink purpose or to create a private blog network. With that being said, people always want to save their time and that's why they hate to manually login into every single wordpress dashboard, so, with this upgrade, we can publish content directly into Wordpress Blog.

OTO 4: Creaite WhiteLabel

This upgrade should only for those who run the content marketing agency business, content creation agency, article marketing agency and SEO Agency. We are using a good app but we don't want to let people know you are using Creaite, if your customers know you don't create content yourself, then, they would be upset and cancel your agency bill, not just that, they even request refund and call you are a scammer. That's why you need to whitelable that plugin with your brand name.

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