BanrAds Review
All products on the internet has upgrades and we see the samething with this tool. So, my BanrAds review today will break you down the upsell of this tool so that you understand what they are and how they work. As a result thanks to this post, you can close a decision either to buy any of them or not.

OTO1 BanrAds Ultimate

For this upgrade, first of all, you have more templates than the Front end accounts, the number can be at thousands. And you can make the Spit Testing, you can place pixel for advertising and retargeting purpose.

OTO2 BanrAds Push

This is a license to publish advertisement. And one thing you also care, that's about you have the licenses to make Auto Boost Post ads, a famous + effective advertising techniques on Facebook.

OTO3 BanrAds Agency Kit

This is a license that allows you to have some Agency Kit. As you know, Facebook Ads Agency, Google Ad Agency are top profitable online business right now. But no matter how good you are, you can not success with this model without clients. So, at least, this upgrade will bring you the solutions about to close clients.

OTO4 BanrAds Whitelabel

To be honest with you, it's almost impossible for all of us to find out a software that provides you the graphic design, banner design with Ad publishing, Ad management features with low one time price while you have both all in one place. So, when you sell this software, you have solved a huge problem that many business owners have, that's about to have the above two core features. Why not making some extra profits by selling similar softwares. You can set your own price, you can fully create accounts for customers, not about the fake affiliate with 100% and then called reseller. And the best, people don't even know you are reselling because you have the right to edit logo, edit domain, edit product name while hosting is still delivered for you.

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