AvatarBuilder Review
Welcome to my AvatarBuilder review article with the best alternative. Well, the alternative here is with the app Mugjam, a software from Todd Gross and it can directly replace Avatar Builder of Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar for some specific features, let's see what they are in this post.

1.AvatarBuilder Review-Use Mugjam as a Replacement

This video is a spokeperson type video. And with this video type, you need an image in order to generate 3D Avatar, which is the same feature of Paul Ponna's app. And with that spokeperson, you can add character into an existing video in order to make some presentation.
You can upload your video from PC. I suggest you to buy Upsell Pro because with the Front end account, you can upload video below 2 minutes, which is 100% not enough to use.

Now, you need to have a MugJam, which is the 3D Character. You can create your own one directly from the membership area.

In the next part, choose the position for your avatar. In most case, people choose Bottom Right or Bottom Left.

And, you can choose the Background of your characters.

Then, you need to make voice for your video file. It can be from Text to Speech or you can record your own voiceover in case you want. The TTS are from Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet engine, which are proven to be real and natural.

In the next part, you just need to preview and then render your video. You can also share video directly into Youtube and Vimeo.

Besides creating video from your existing video, you can also create by using their templates. Once you have chosen the template, just choose your Mugjam and then you can go to the next step.

There are some pre-formatted text that you can use and customize/edit directly into your own content.

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