Adplify Review
Today, in this Adplify review, we are happy to share you the benefits for those who purchase the upgrades for the tool developed by Cyril Jeet. As you know, all products on the internet have upgrades and the tool being reviewed today is not an exceptional. That's where the content being published today will have you close the decision either to buy any of the upgrade for this software or not or just the Front end account is enough for all of us.

Upsell 1: AdPlify Pro Upgrade - $67

The front end has limitation, this upgrade will remove all of these.

Upsell 2: Adplify Agency - $97

This is a license to create sub-account for the tool and sell as your own product.

Upsell 3: Leads2List Pro - $47

This software is a perfect combination in case you want to run ads on Facebook. As you know, Adplify has features to make custom audiences based on the autoresponder list. While Leads2List helps you capture the email account, which is real and verified from facebook audience's personal profiles. Thanks to that, your list is only loaded with real subscribers.

Upsell 4: Viral Reach Pro - $47

This software was the best seller from Cyril Jeet and it's a tool for free traffic. You can find out viral content and then you choose the share them immediately, or, you can schedule it to post on Facebook & Twitter. The existence of this app will bring you a huge benefit into your fan page because they are always needed to be updated in frequent basis.

Upsell 5: AddResponse Pro - $47

This is a previous software launch from Cyril Jeet. It actually an app for Facebook. It can keep the bad and negative comments from spammers, scammers and competitors. You know, with the comment being held with keywords, you can limit the amount of bad comments, which leads to reduce the brand reputation of your Facebook Profile. In fact, this feature is a must if you want to scale your Facebook Fan page and your Advertising campaigns.

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