10xSocial Review

In this 10xSocial review, we are here to help you about Neil Napier and Robert Emi's product plus its entire sales funnel. As a result thanks to this article, you can close a decision either to buy any of the upgrade from the product creator or not. And as a sales funnel expert like Neil, the software definitely has upgrades, this time, we have 3 of them, not too much but not cheap.

OTO 1: Unlimited one-time/yearly

For the main offer, you have limitation in terms of the amount of campaign to create or the video to upload. Now, this upgrade will unlock all the limitation, which makes us feel buying upgrade is a must, an uncool technique from the product creator. Instead of getting maximum 20,000 leads like the front end, this time, you can collect as many as you want. As a marketer, we hate limitation, right. And we also have the FB Hidden video finder to explore video to send personal message.

OTO 2: 10xSociPRO

Inside the front end account, you can not import leads into autoresponder, this one does, there are up to 7 autoresponders you can connect and import into. Besides, you also gain access to SMS Sending feature.

OTO 3: 10xSocial Agency

This is a license for you to create sub-account, but, this time is in order to resell the app. You can create unlimited accounts for clients and sell as your own product. As you can see, the software has solved huge problem from marketers in terms of messenger bot marketing, video marketing or even audio marketing so that you can expect to sell high price. And please also note, you can sell not just the front end account, you can even sell the upgraded account to people (but there is no type of automatic account creation here) - the only disallowed thing is to sell reseller license or sell agency license, etc.

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